Art projects (selection)


Dog dinners in collaboration with Mediamatic 


Portret in bomen - visual essay 

Ik rem voor duiven - stickers

Het meersoortig collectief / Multispecies Collective


Winterweg - a story in images (in Dutch, winterweg refers to a path that is only there when it is cold enough, for example when a canal freezes over)   

Verwerelden, an exhibition in a garden, curated with Gijsje Heemskerk 

Vissen is voor losers, ik heb ook gevoel stickers in public spaces   


Benader het landschap als een taal, drawings and photographs


Drawings and video, Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam, group show Let's Dog


Interpreter This Progress by Tino Sehgal, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam



It is up to you / Het is aan jou, small cards with the text 'It is up to you' in public transport


The owls, installation / zine, Bookstore Project, Amsterdam

Het heden, EP


Daarheen (installation / performance for children, with Miriam Reeders, Crossing Border festival The Hague)

Verlangst (exhibition with drawings, photography, text, objects, Boterhal, Hoorn)

Zwaan (video / album)


Het leven leert vanzelf (weblog-music / theatre / installation / performance, with Miriam Reeders, Scheltema Complex Leiden)

Dog (a performance in which I was tied to the dog with the leash and she led me, instead of vice versa)

Wulp (poetry / photography / drawing, bird shelter Den Haag, publication: Met beide voeten in de modder)

before 2009

Toverbal (toys for pigs)

The things a girl should do (video)


For a full list and additional information about these projects, please see the CV.

photograph: Isabelle Hennings Backer (performance 'Hond', Zzondag 2009)