Art projects (selection)



Drawings and video, Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam, group show Let's Dog


Interpreter This Progress by Tino Sehgal, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam



It is up to you / Het is aan jou, small cards with the text 'It is up to you' in public transport


The owls, installation / zine, Bookstore Project, Amsterdam

Het heden, EP


Daarheen (installation / performance for children, with Miriam Reeders, Crossing Border festival The Hague)

Verlangst (exhibition with drawings, photography, text, objects, Boterhal, Hoorn)

Zwaan (video / album)


Het leven leert vanzelf (weblog-music / theatre / installation / performance, with Miriam Reeders, Scheltema Complex Leiden)

Dog (a performance in which I was tied to the dog with the leash and she led me, instead of vice versa)

Wulp (poetry / photography / drawing, bird shelter Den Haag, publication: Met beide voeten in de modder)

before 2009

Toverbal (toys for pigs)

The things a girl should do (video)


For a full list and additional information about these projects, please see the CV.

photograph: Isabelle Hennings Backer (performance 'Hond', Zzondag 2009)