17 January: Feminist canine anthropology conference University of Amsterdam

18 January: Afternoon on extinction, Buitenplaats Doornburgh in Maarssen aan de Vecht

22 January: Filosofie Café Haarlem

28 January: Afdelingslezing Filosofie, Universiteit van Amsterdam

3 February: Arminius Rotterdam, debatavond over dieren

7 February: Vorlesebühne De Roode Bioscoop Amsterdam

6 March: Words By The Water, Keswick UK

14 March: Licht in het hoofd, Eindhoven cancelled

21 March: Memento Woordfestival Kortrijk Belgium cancelled

24 March: CPH:DOX documentary festival Copenhagen Denmark - this event will take place online!

27 March: Willem Lodewijk Gymnasium Groningen, besloten cancelled

Spring: New novel De nieuwe rivier

2 April: Afdelingslezing Filosofie, Universiteit van Amsterdam cancelled

7 April: Boekensteun Brummen cancelled

16 April: Symposium over Literatuur en Geneeskunde, VU cancelled

17 April: Cambridge Literary Festival UK cancelled

25 April: Studiedag Wijsgerig Genootschap Leuven (BE), lezing Dierentalen cancelled

11 May: Interview podcast Kunst is lang

19 May: Literatur Biennale Wuppertal cancelled

15-20 June 2020: ITEF Festival Istanbul Turkey

24 June: Eurogroup for Animals, Brussels BE

26-28 June: Big Book Festival, Warsaw Poland

1 July: Avond over de grutto in De Balie

29 August: Icarus Festival, De Ceuvel Amsterdam

September 3: Agency workshop Wageningen University

September 9-11: MANCEPT Conference Manchester UK



Shows, performances and readings are listed here and here.