12 January: Workshop on 'Agency, Onto-Epistemology, and the '"More-than-Human"', University College Cork (online) 

19 January: Global Research Network Think Tank conversation with Sue Donaldson and pattrice jones (online) 

12 February: Westfries Museum Hoorn, opening Dierbaar  

17 February: Lecture Party for the Animals, local elections 

March: new novel, Zee nu / Sea now 

March: art residency Pompgemaal (Mondriaanfonds), with Gijsje Heemskerk 

2 March: De boekensteun Brummen  

17/18 March: Speaking about the humans, online conference, Amsterdam

4 April: Frontaal, Studio de Veste, Leiden 

10 April: Filosofiecafé Emmen  

11 April: Athenaeum Bookstore Amsterdam 

19 April: Bibliotheek Den Haag Writers Unlimited 

21 April: Proefdierenconferentie Utrecht  

22 April: Nacht van de Filosofie, Groningen 

23 April: Artez Masterclass  

27 April: International Congress on Animal Rights, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Federal University of Paraná - online 

2 May: Moving towards a vegan university, symposium, Universiteit van Amsterdam  

12 May: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Climate Fiction  

22 May: Salone del Libro, Turin Italy

23 May: Borgo Santra Brigida,  Parma Italy

24 May: Libreria La San Paolo, Empoli Italy

25 May: Libreria NOI, Milan Italy 

28 May: Zagreb Book Festival  

29 May: VINE Book Club - Animal Languages - online  

2 June: Stichting VHDG Leeuwarden   

19 June: Frontaal Podium Rotterdam 

24-26 June:  "I'm not sitting in a room – urban, social and political resonances" Conference Weimar 

29 June: Eurogroup for Animals, Brussel  

10 July: Podcast De Utrecht, Leeuwarden  

16 July: Wonderfeel, conversation with Marjolijn van Heemstra and Katharine Dain     

25 July: DeBuren Parijs  

24-26 August: “Antarctica and the Rights of Nature: Philosophical, Legal and Historical Perspectives” Oslo 

September: Verwar het niet met afwezigheid: over de politiek van stilte. Uitgeverij Cossee en Misschien is een ander woord voor hoop Uitgeverij de Geus  

7-9 September: MANCEPT, Manchester

12-13 September: Animal domination conferentie, Luik   

17 September: Hay Festival Segovia Spanje  

23 September: Brooks lezing, New York University online 

26 September: Symposium: The legal position of animals, University of Amsterdam   

2 October: De Doelen, classical music program inspired by Vuurduin  

16 October: Zondagmiddagsalon Boterhal Hoorn, afternoon about Gerrit Meijer's photography  

21 October: Workshop Animal agency Wageningen  

24 October: Conrad Festival Krakow Poland 

27 October: Democracy Rebooted seminar (online)  

November: art residency Pompgemaal (Mondriaanfonds), with Gijsje Heemskerk  

4-5 November: The Anthrozoology Symposium Iasi, Romania

11-12 November: Curating beyond the Human/Non-human Aesthetics University of Fine Arts in Münster 

6 December: Studium Generale Universiteit Gent, Gent 

16 December: Diogenes Lezing Woudrichem  


Shows, performances and readings are listed here and here.