24 januari: Book launch De grenzen van mijn taal in Athenaeum boekhandel, Amsterdam

27 January: Interview Zin op Zondag, Grote Sint Laurenskerk Alkmaar

14 February: Lecture Jubileumcongres Raad voor Dieraangelegenheden Santpoort

18-23 February: Festival Lettres d'Europe et d'ailleurs, Paris

7-8 March: Stakes of sanctuary conference, McGill University, Montreal

22 March: Talk Alternatief Boekenbal de Kring Amsterdam

23 March: Buchmesse Leipzig

29 March: Voorwaarts, book launch Savannah Bay bookstore Utrecht

8-9 April: Animals in our midst conference Wageningen

10-12 April: Realities and Fantasies, ASCA Conference, University of Amsterdam

11 April: Leven dat leven wil, dierenconferentie Utrecht

16 April: Interview with Daan Stoffelsen about Voorwaarts, Athenaeum Amsterdam

20 April: Proefdierendebat Rotterdam

21 April: Animal language talk, Leeszaal Rotterdam West

29 April: Radio Klara - Pompidou 5 pm

14 May: Seminar The University of Oldenburg/Institute for Dutch Studies and evening at the Literaturbüro Oldenburg

15-16 May: Café Amsterdam, Maison de la Poésie, Parijs

22-24 May: Critical animal studies conferentie, Barcelona

3-4 June: Political animals conference, University of Amsterdam

5 June: Interview AmFiBi about De grenzen van mijn taal, Amsterdam

16 June: Eindeloos Eiland Festival Wissekerke

9-11 September: MANCEPT, Manchester, co-chair of the panel 'Just Animals? The future of the political turn in animal ethics'

18-21 September: EURSafe, Tampere Finland

26-27 September: Gothenburg Book Fair Sweden

28 September: Waanzin festival Utrecht

13 October: Interview Villa Marguerite Yourcenar  Sint-Janskappel France

24 October: Lezing bibliotheek Drachten

Fall 2019: 'The melancholic animal. On depression and animality' in Humanimalia - a journal of human/animal interface studies

October 2019: When animals speak, New York University Press

26 November: Lecture Bremen University, Germany

April 2020: ITEF Festival Istanbul Turkey



Shows, performances and readings are listed here and here.