17 June: ZomerZinnen Amer

19 June: Holland Festival, interview Parlement of Things

23 June: Lecture Non-human animal event Environmental Humanities Center VU University Amsterdam

2 July: De Domijnen Sittard

14 July: Introduction Interspecies relations, video screening at Cure Park Amsterdamse Bos

15/16 July: Lecture Dierentalen Wildeburg festival

June/July: Chapter Interspecies encounters and the political turn: from dialogues to deliberation in Ethical and Political Approaches to Nonhuman Animal Issues: Towards an Undivided Future Palgrave MacMillan

summer: Two short stories Revisor

September: Chapter  'Worm Politics' in Posthuman Dialogues in International Relations Routledge

September: De soldaat was een dolfijn, essay, Uitgeverij Cossee

20 September: PhD Defense Political Animal Voices, Aula Lutherse Kerk, Amsterdam 1 pm

26-28 October: European Critical Animal Studies Conference, Lund Sweden (paper: 'You see, we are all political animals, or: The importance of moving from nonhuman animal rights to interspecies democracies')

4 November: Het grote gebeuren Groningen

11 December: Lecture Filosofische Kring van Rozendaal, Kerk van Rozendaal



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