The secret language that we all speak

In March 2022 I became a member of a multispecies art collective, het Meersoortig Collectief. Together with Gijsje, Miemel en Wiske Heemskerk and Doris Meijer I worked at the Pompgemaal in Den Helder. Gijsje made moss paint and soil paint, which she used to paint large maps of the surroundings, the dogs made land art in the dunes, I made nests and drawings, and took photographs, and we searched for animal art in the surroundings. We also made visual and sound alphabets. More information about the collective can be found on the weblog that Gijsje made. We will return to the dunes in November 2022. 


Gijsje made a font:      


Wiske en de roodborst 

Gaten naar de bovenwereld, gaten naar de lucht 

Nieuwe vrienden, nieuwe gewoontes


 The residency at the Pompgemaal is made possible by the Mondriaanfonds.